Being a student in Rotterdam

What does studying in Rotterdam and Thomas More Hogeschool mean? First of all. Rotterdam is a modern, progressive and diverse city. The city hosts over 170 nationalities. It has been the biggest port of Europe for decades and is the economic engine for Dutch society and economy. The city expresses itself with a raw mix of modern architecture and street art. Rotterdam is a city that moves forward but gave birth to great minds in the past like Erasmus. So why not go on Erasmus in the city of Erasmus?

There are several reasons for it:

  • Rotterdam is becoming an educational hotspot since it also will host the conference of the European association for international education in 2023.
  • You can improve your English for sure since Rotterdam ranks the highest on the English proficiency Index but since it hosts over 170 nationalities you might also come across people who you can speak in your native tongue with.
  • You can have a nice dinner or night out in the town, make citytrips to cities like Amsterdam and Antwerp within an our or you can join one of the festivals and events like the international filmfestivals, Rotterdam Harbourrun, North Sea Jazz and festival Downtown.

About Thomas More teacher education institute

The Thomas More Education Institute is a warm community in the heart of the vibrant city of Rotterdam. We teach over 800 students who want to become primary school teachers. We offer courses, training and master program’s to teachers who already work as teachers. We believe in innovative and creative educational professionals who believe in every child. That is why we want our students to work with their heart and their soul for all children. All the children in the diverse and urban environment of Rotterdam. We believe that all of our program’s should contribute to a inclusive society which give a hopeful perspective for both humans and nature. That is why it is important that we ask the right question, that students are curious but critical as well and that we have the dialogue with people of different beliefs and identity. We hope to be able to keep the joyful and the lightheartedness of children in the classroom but also work at the same time on creating a better future with these difficult challenges of modern day city life.

You can follow our minor program Culture, inclusion and environment in the city or come to work here as a teacher.


Housing in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a popular place to study and to live. Which means that it won’t be that easy to find accommodation. However if you start to search for it early on it should be possible. Ofcourse we will try to help you. Look at this website for inspiration how you can check for an accommodation.

This could give you a general idea. Please let us know if you are interested in our program and in housing accommodation. We will be able to send you a guideline with several steps that will give you more detailed information about the housing market in the Netherlands and that will make your search for accommodation a success.

Contact us

Let us know how we can help you. You can reach Jorinde, Arjan and Saskia at